Franworth’s Launch Internship Program provides students opportunities to work alongside some of the top professionals in the franchising world. This internship, unlike many others, will expose you to the inner-workings of not only building a brand from the ground up, but also to the day to day operations of an established and mature concept.

The Best of MichBusiness 2019 Winner
2019 Summer interns
Marketing & Communications Intern
Franworth Launch Intern Krystina Giroux
Krystina G.

The experience I have gained as a Franworth intern is invaluable. I have learned skills in project management, team coordination, franchise development, and so much more, all from world class experts in business. Franworth’s company culture is edifying and authentic. I have grown more confident in my professional capabilities and feel prepared to thrive in new opportunities in the future.

Franworth Launch Intern Caitlin Murphy
Caitlin M.
Business Strategy Intern

I am so thankful for the amazing mentorship and learning opportunities that Franworth offered during my time as an intern. I was able to acquire so many new skills from the hands-on projects and had the ability to work directly with industry leaders in numerous divisions to make real change in our client companies. 

Jamie Y.
Business Analyst Intern

At Franworth, I was able to work hands-on with the marketing and finance team to make immediate impact for our brands. From different projects, I had the opportunity to optimize my knowledge as well as acquire new skills. Most of all, the culture and people of Franworth made my internship experience exceptional.

Project Management Intern

The Launch internship has been a blessing. I have gained knowledge, real business experience, connections, and genuine friendships. Any time I turn a corner in the Franworth office, I am acknowledged and respected and cared for by every team member. I couldn’t be any more thankful for the direct mentorship Franworth has given me and the responsibility trusted upon the team and myself.

Franworth Launch Intern Andrew Kendzicky
Andrew K.
Marketing Research Intern

Working as a Launch intern, I’ve gained invaluable knowledge about the world of business and marketing. The ability to actively participate in meetings and work on meaningful projects has enhanced my business skills and experience. Launch has also offered me the opportunity to listen and learn from some of the very best in the franchising world. I’m so grateful for the mentorship, care and support they have provided to me as an intern!

Public Relations Intern

Franworth has given me the opportunity, experience and skills to feel confident starting professional career. LAUNCH has empowered me with the relationships, collaboration and inspiration to aim high and accomplish my goals. The mentors at Franworth have taught me everything from personal finance to brand management and more. I feel incredibly lucky to be involved with this amazing company and wonderful internship! 

Franworth Launch Intern Ellie Falivene
Ellie F.
Business Strategy Intern

Through the Launch program, I collaborated on numerous marketing and finance projects for an array of Franworth’s brands. I had the exciting opportunity to present my work to brand founders and Franworth leadership, during which I honed essential communication and public speaking skills. I’m grateful for the mentorship I experienced as an intern!

Franworth Launch Intern Gisselle Romero
Gisselle R.
Digital Design & Marketing Intern

The Launch program really helped me REACH for my future goals. With my goal of being an entrepreneur and having my own online business, I had the opportunity to work on the website for Franworth. Franworth not only has given me the chance to work in the real business world, but also to network and collaborate with several brands of Franworth. With their mentorship, I gained the skills that will better prepare me for the real world.

Ned K.
Marketing Research Intern

This internship has given me valuable experience in the business world. The people at Franworth recognize the potential and skills that the interns have to offer.  During my interview I was brought into an international conference call before I had even accepted the position. If you want real world exposure and some of the best networking you could engage in, Franworth is the place.

Franworth Launch Intern Pariss Gray
Pariss G.